Timely Thyme

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What does thyme look like?

Timely Thyme

Thyme, also known as thymus vulgaris, is a fine addition for any herb garden. This plant is low growing, reaching about four to eight inches tall, and has wiry stems. Thyme has leaves that are small, oval shaped and gray or green in color. This herb produces pretty clusters of purple flowers.

You can start thyme plants from seed or cuttings. Later, divide plants for additional planting.



6/18/2009 6:38:03 PM
Sharon said:

Mine have been planted since last year, now have Li. purple blooms, should I " dead head " the blooms to keep the plant from dying out? Don't want to loose it since it is doing well for so long.

Hi Sharon,
Leaving the blooms will not hurt the plant. It is best to harvest the herbs before they flower if possible for the best flavor. Many herb flowers are edible and herbs can be used even after they flower.


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