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How do I prune my flowering trees?

How to Prune Flowering Trees

Most flowering trees bloom in the spring on last year's growth. This means that you will need to be careful about when and how to prune your trees if you want them to bloom profusely next spring.

As soon as your flowering trees have finished blooming, prune off any diseased branches and trim back any branches that are hanging too low. Although many people recommend putting tar on the ends of the cut branches, most arborists agree this is a bad idea. Make sure you make clean cuts and allow the trees to heal themselves.

How do I care for my flowering dogwoods?

Caring for Flowering Dogwoods

Flowering dogwoods are fairly easy to care for and can live for 50 years or more in most gardens. To care for your flowering dogwoods, you should:

1. Be sure your soil is acidic. If it is alkaline, you will have to add sulfur to the soil.

2. Remove grass from the area surrounding your tree, preferably to the edges of the tree's canopy, since grass competes for important nutrients.

3. Apply two to three inches of mulch around the tree, but be sure you do not place mulch directly against the trunk.

4. Give your tree a dose of bone meal or plant food designed for acid loving trees and shrubs each fall.

How do I plant hawthorn trees?

Planting Hawthorn Trees

If you want flowering trees in your yard, but you have tough growing conditions, you may want to take a look at hawthorn trees. To plant one of these flowering trees, you should:

1. Find a location that is not near children or pets. Almost all hawthorns have very sharp thorns on their branches.

2. Be sure the location is in full sun. These flowering trees are not happy in shady locations.

3. Dig a hole that is at the same depth as the tree's root ball.

4. Water the tree thoroughly to remove any air pockets that have formed.

How do I fertilize my flowering trees?

How to Fertilize Flowering Trees

Flowering trees are not heavy feeders, but they do occasionally need to be fertilized to help them keep blooming vigorously each spring. To fertilize flowering trees, apply a slow release granular fertilizer to the ground each fall. Since the tree's roots extend as far as its branches, spread the fertilizer to the edges of the tree's canopy.

How do I care for my ornamental cherry tree?

How to Care for Ornamental Cherry Trees

Ornamental cherry trees are known for their pale pink blossoms and interesting shape. With proper care, these flowering trees can live for quite a few years. To care for ornamental cherry trees, you should:

1. Choose a location that is moist, but not excessively damp. These flowering trees will not last as long in overly damp locations.

2. Prune dead or diseased wood immediately to prevent any further decay.

3. Feed your tree a slow acting granular fertilizer each fall to be sure it puts on a spectacular display in the spring

How do I plant red bud trees?

Planting Red Bud Trees

The red bud is one of the least common types of flowering trees, but this lovely tree deserves to be more popular. To plant red bud trees successfully, you should:

1. Check the soil to be sure it is alkaline. If the soil is very acidic, you will need to add some lime.

2. Be sure the soil isn't very moist. These trees will die if they are planted in damp soil.

3. Because these flowering trees do not like wet soil, plant your red bud so that the base of the tree is slightly above ground level.

How do I care for flowering almond trees?

Caring for Flowering Almond Trees

For pink flowering trees that are small enough to fit in the garden border, you may want to consider flowering almond trees. These trees are covered in a cloud of pink blossoms each spring. To care for flowering almond trees, you should:

1. Mulch around them so you don't disturb their roots or nick their trunks with lawn equipment.

2. Prune them after they finish blooming to be sure they continue to bloom heavily the next year.

3. Make sure these flowering trees aren't suffering from disease or insect infestations. They are delicate trees and you will need to take immediate action if you do find any diseases or pests.

How do I care for plum trees?

Caring For Plum Trees

It is no wonder the plum is one of the more popular flowering trees. After all, plum trees are not just ornamental; most plum trees also produce delicious, juicy fruit. To keep these flowering trees healthy, you should:

1. Choose a location in full sun or light shade. Plum trees blossom fairly early in the year and need the sun's warmth.

2. Look for soil that isn't excessively damp, but be sure the tree has plenty of moisture or the fruit will be stunted.

3. Keep a close eye on your tree to be sure it doesn't show signs of disease or insect infestation.

4. Fertilize flowering plum trees during the months of February and September to keep them strong and healthy.

How do I plant a weeping cherry tree?

Planting Weeping Cherry Trees

Weeping cherry trees are one of the most spectacular flowering trees. These trees have branches that fall in an umbrella like shape. In early spring, they are covered in pink blossoms. To plant weeping cherry trees, you should:

1. Choose a location that has plenty of sun and is not prone to having pockets of heavy frost.

2. Look for soil that is moist, but well drained. These flowering trees will grow in clay, but they won't do as well as they should.

3. Plant your tree in the ground at the same depth it was originally growing at.

4. Remove the grass around the tree and mulch the ground so you don't have to try to cut grass under the low hanging branches of the mature weeping cherry tree.

How do I care for the golden raintree?

Caring for the Golden Raintree

The golden raintree is one of the most dramatic looking flowering trees. This tree is covered in golden flowers when it blooms. Then, the blossoms develop into striking pink seed pods for even more color. To care for these flowering trees, you should:

1. Test the soil to be sure it is acidic. If not, add sulfur to make the soil less alkaline.

2. Fertilize your trees during the spring and fall to keep them strong and healthy.

3. Be sure to remove any seedlings that sprout under the tree right away or you may find that you are overwhelmed with baby raintrees.

How do I plant magnolia trees?

Planting Magnolia Trees

For many people, the magnolia tree is a symbol of Southern culture. This beautiful flowering tree can grow quite large, but most people prefer smaller specimens. To plant magnolia trees, you should:

1. Choose a sunny location for your tree.

2. Avoid areas where pockets of heavy frost tend to linger, as these trees bloom quite early in the year.

3. Add compost to the planting hole to give the tree a good start.

4. After you place the tree in the planting hole, be sure to water it thoroughly to remove any air pockets.

How do I plant flowering dogwoods?

How to Plant Flowering Dogwoods

Flowering dogwoods are popular trees for small gardens. These trees have beautiful pink or white flowers in the spring and their berries are an important food source for wildlife. To plant flowering dogwoods in your yard, you should:

1. Find a location with well draining soil in partial shade to full sun.

2. Place your flowering dogwood in the planting hole so that the tree's base is slightly above ground.

3. Water the tree thoroughly so that the soil settles and all air pockets are removed.

How do I care for my crab apple tree?

How to Care for Crab Apple Trees

Crab apple trees are small, attractive flowering trees that are often used in the landscape. These trees even produce edible fruit. To care for these flowering trees, you should:

1. Always choose a location with soil that is rich in nutrients and well drained.

2. Keep an eye out for cankers and diseases. Crab apple trees are prone to disease.

3. Prune any diseased branches immediately to keep your tree healthy.

How do I plant flowering pear trees?

How to Plant Flowering Pear Trees

Bradford pear trees are one of the most popular types of flowering trees. These ornamental trees are covered in white blossoms each spring. To care for one of these flowering trees, you should:

1. Find a location that does not receive a lot of heavy wind. These trees are top heavy and prone to blowing over.

2. Plant your tree at the same depth that it was originally growing at.

3. Water the tree deeply to promote root growth.

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