How to Care for Ornamental Cherry Trees

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How do I care for my ornamental cherry tree?

How to Care for Ornamental Cherry Trees

Ornamental cherry trees are known for their pale pink blossoms and interesting shape. With proper care, these flowering trees can live for quite a few years. To care for ornamental cherry trees, you should:

1. Choose a location that is moist, but not excessively damp. These flowering trees will not last as long in overly damp locations.

2. Prune dead or diseased wood immediately to prevent any further decay.

3. Feed your tree a slow acting granular fertilizer each fall to be sure it puts on a spectacular display in the spring



5/4/2007 6:30:18 AM
justaguy said:

I obviously have borers... the huge sap blob at the base of my tree. How do I prevent this??? I'm desperate. In addition, every year it looks like someone took a shot at the tree with buckshot. It's not an insect... more of a fungus I guess... What can I do????

Please help


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