Vines for Porches

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Can you give me tips on an interesting vine for my porch?

Vines for Porches

A vine can really help soften the sharp angles of a porch. However, not all vines are safe for porches. Vigorous growers can sometimes damage your home's structure. Even slower growing vines can cause some problems, so keep a close eye on any vine that grows on your home.

Try passiflora cerulea, or passion flower, over the porch railing or scrambling up a trellis. This plant has brilliant blue, cream and violet coloration against gorgeous green leaves and is easy to care for. Other good choices are akebia and clematis vines.



5/9/2010 2:35:17 PM
christon kessinger said:

what about growing crossvine? we have a large wrap around porch on th efront of our house... i have thought about growing a vine to grow up the hand rails and all around porch railing????

Crossvine would work fine. It will cling to stone as well and makes a great, fast growing screen!


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