Boost Your Tomato Plant Crop

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What is side-dressing?

Boost Your Tomato Plant Crop

After tomato plants have established themselves and are starting to blossom, dig a furrow alongside the plants and lay some bone meal in it. (Be certain that the furrow is at least six inches from the base of the plants to prevent burning.) Cover lightly and water.

The bone meal will add needed nutrients to the soil and your tomato plants will respond by bearing better fruit.



5/22/2008 10:16:42 PM
Tomato Gardener said:

The soil you put the tomato plants in is one of the most important factors in determining the production. Make sure to properly amend the soil prior to planting. If possible, amend the soil at the end of the growing season so it has plenty of time to work itself into the soil. Tomato plants deplete nitrogen in the soil so make sure to amend the soil with an additive that is high in nitrogen - I would also definitely recommend using something organic due to the fact that you will be consuming the "fruits" of the plant.


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