Drying Herbs

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What kinds of flowers and herbs are good for drying?

Drying Herbs

Many people choose to grow and dry their own herbs for cooking or medicinal use. If you would like to dry your own herbs, pick them early in the morning as soon as the dew has dried but before the heat of the day when the precious essential oils will be dimished. If the herbs have soil residue or other dirt on them, be sure to briefly rinse the herbs in cool water and pat them dry before you prepare them for the drying out process. Just like flowers, bunch your herbs together in groups of three to five stems and bind them with an elastic band. Next, hang them in an airy spot that is free from direct sunlight. Once the herbs have dried, remove the leaves from the stems. Leave the leaves whole until it is time to use them, then crush the amount you need to use to make them suitable for cooking. Keep your dried herbs stored in plastic baggies or glass containers. Store the containers in a cool, dry, dark place.



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