Fertilizing Fruit Trees

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How do I fertilize fruit trees?

Fertilizing Fruit Trees

Fruit trees use up quite a few nutrients to create fruit each year. To help your trees produce a bumper crop year after year, you will need to fertilize them. Most fruit trees should receive a dose of slow release granular fertilizer each fall. It is important not to over-fertilize fruit trees. Over-fertilized trees produce a lot of new growth and very little fruit.



2/5/2010 12:29:46 PM
George Machado said:

Hello there you have a great little write up there I would like to add that using compost in the early spring has a huge benfit on fruit trees and gardens.I just want ed add that.

5/25/2010 11:08:15 PM
Rev. Barry Jones said:

I thank you for letting me know when to fertilize my trees and also not to put too much fertilizer around them. Thanks very much.


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