Fusarium Blight and Lawns

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What causes fusarium blight?

Fusarium Blight and Lawns

This disease is most likely to occur in areas of the lawn that are exposed to long hours of direct sunlight, especially on sloped areas. It does not occur in heavily shaded lawns.

Fusarium Blight first appears as patches of pale green grass (from a few inches to several feet in diameter) that wilt and turn to straw color. Frequently the grass in the center of the patch stays green, surrounded by the area of brown grass, which has given this disease a nickname of "frog-eye." When temperatures remain near 90°F in the day and 70°F at night, Fusarium Blight can quickly spread throughout your lawn.

This disease can be control by using a chemical that controls lawn fungus.



6/23/2011 4:21:57 PM
Kathryn said:

Wow! This happened over night! A huge patch of light green in sod that was put in this March and was doing so good! Any suggestion on what the name of the lawn chemical is that i should buy?


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