Landscaping Under Shade Trees

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Are there some good plants for landscaping under shade trees?

Landscaping Under Shade Trees

It is virtually impossible to grow a lush lawn under shade trees. However, most shade trees can coexist quite happily with a wide variety of shrubs and plants, including astilbe, hosta, azaleas, oak leaf hydrangeas and forsythia. To landscape under shade trees:

1 Remove all grass and weeds.

2. Add two to three inches of top soil and compost to the ground. A thicker layer of soil could smother some of the tree's roots.

3. Plant most of your shrubs and plants a few feet away from the tree's trunk to be sure they can get some water and nutrients.



9/3/2010 5:12:07 PM
Ryan said:

I read in Fine Gardening: "Adding a layer of soil that is more than 2 inches deep, for example, can reduce moisture and oxygen availabilities and hinder gas exchange to existing roots, causing trees to suffer or even die."


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