Caring for Peach Trees

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How do I care for peach trees?

Caring for Peach Trees

Good peaches are juicy and sweet. To help your peach trees produce the right kind of fruit, you should: 1. Be sure you keep your peach trees watered during dry weather so the fruit isn't stunted or shriveled. 2. If too many peaches are forming, remove a few from each branch so the remaining fruit can grow larger and stronger. 3. Look for wet spots on the tree's bark. They show that the tree may be suffering from an attack by the peach tree borer.



6/18/2007 2:39:34 AM
vjgrcfqbtl said:

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9/30/2007 10:37:52 AM
Hugh said:

I'm trying to fined out what a Peach Tree Leaf
looks like any suggestions where I may find this info thanksfor taking the time to read this

3/5/2009 8:57:28 AM
Jane Michael said:

I would like to know about covering a fruit tree, like a peach tree so the birds don't eat all the fruit before it rippens. Besides putting nylon netting over it, should I get little bells from the craft store to scare the birds away?

Hi Jane,

The netting should do the trick. You could also try feeding the birds. If there is a bird feeder nearby they may go to it instead. If you can hold the netting away from the tree a bit, that would be even better. One way to do this is to make a stake with a round circle at the top. This can be made of PVC. Drape the netting over the circle and put the stake in the ground. Windchimes do not scare birds as they get used to them so I assume it would be the same with bells. Pie pans may work.

8/22/2010 3:35:05 PM
JoAnn Knupp said:

We planted our peach tree 3 years ago and we had wonderfully sweet peaches this year for the first. I would say we got 3/4 bushel of small peaches. They were sooooo goood but they did have like a freckle blemish on each one. How could we have prevented that?????

7/15/2011 6:47:22 PM
Fernando Rodriguez said:

How to protect the tree from litle spiders nets? they are kiling it.


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