Caring for Flowering Almond Trees

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How do I care for flowering almond trees?

Caring for Flowering Almond Trees

For pink flowering trees that are small enough to fit in the garden border, you may want to consider flowering almond trees. These trees are covered in a cloud of pink blossoms each spring. To care for flowering almond trees, you should:

1. Mulch around them so you don't disturb their roots or nick their trunks with lawn equipment.

2. Prune them after they finish blooming to be sure they continue to bloom heavily the next year.

3. Make sure these flowering trees aren't suffering from disease or insect infestations. They are delicate trees and you will need to take immediate action if you do find any diseases or pests.



1/31/2007 11:45:16 AM
Mike Patrick said:

why do some almond trees have pink flowers &
some have white

10/2/2007 8:56:46 AM
flowering trees said:

That's a good question. I wonder why?

5/16/2009 9:03:33 AM
Eric P Yendall said:

My flowering almond only put out about six blossoms this year. Last year it was ablaze with pink. The new leaves are now out and it appears healthy. What could have gone wrong? Zone 5. Thanks.

Hi Eric,

Did you prune your tree after it flowered last year? The trick to pruning flowering trees is to prune them immediately after they flower. If you prune too late, you may cut the forming blossoms off. Do you fertilize? Any type of plant that comes from a nursery, big box store, etc. has been heavily watered and fertilized, usually at least once daily. In a home garden this would be excessive. However, applying compost or a slow release fertilizer around the base of the plant may give it the boost it needs to produce more flowers.


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