Sod Webworms and Lawns

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Why does my lawn have circular brown patches in it?

Sod Webworms and Lawns

You will be able to identify damage to your lawn by sod webworm if you see small circles or patches of grass that look as if they have been sheared by a mini-lawnmower. The surrounding grass will start to turn brown. This damage is a result of the sod webworms feeding on your grass.

Sod webworms come from a grey night flying moth who lays eggs on your lawn all summer. When the eggs hatch, the worms feed on the juicy grass blades.

There are many species of sod webworms. It will be hard for you to determine which ones are damaging your lawn. The good news is that all sod webworms can be treated the same way.

Sod webworms can be controlled with Bt., insecticidal soap or beneficial nematodes.



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