Indoor Gardens and Pets

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What plants are safe for my indoor pets?

Indoor Gardens and Pets

Many common house plants and outdoor plants are highly toxic to cats and dogs. If you keep both gardens and pets, you need to be certain your plants will not harm your animals. As all pet owners know, both cats and dogs like to dig in the dirt and chew your prized plants.

Some common house plants which can be harmful to pets include aloe, dieffenbachia, various ivy and lily plants, carnations, philodendron, and holly. These plants account for only a small percent of household plants which can be toxic to animals. Before bringing a new plant into your pet's home, always be sure it is not harmful.

If you simply cannot live without your aloe plants, keep them in a place beyond your pet's reach. For cat owners, this is nearly impossible and it is best to grow only pet-friendly plants and not take the risk.

For a complete list of harmful plants, more information on pets and potential toxins, or if you think your pet might have ingested a toxin, call your local veterinarian or visit the ASPCA's Animal Poison Control website, a great resource for pet-related questions.



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