Grow Your Own Food

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Grow Your Own Food

Growing fruits and vegetables is a great way to save money on your grocery bill. Getting set up may take some time and a bit of a financial investment, but once you learn how to grow and preserve your own food, you will not believe the savings.

If you decide to plant fruit trees, it is important to remember that your return will not be immediate. Most fruit trees take five years before they really begin producing enough to store. This is not always the case, just the basic rule of thumb.

Vegetables on the other hand will produce in the same season. By using various planting techniques such as intercropping and two level planting you can get a large enough harvest from even a tiny piece of land to eat fresh produce as it becomes available and still have enough to preserve for winter use.

Growing your own herbs is another way to save money. Herbs can be expensive and the ones from the store are often old. There is no way to know when you buy bottled herbs how old they are. If you grow and dry your own, you will know. Herbs should be used up within a year for maximum taste. If you just want to use your herbs fresh when they are in season, there is nothing wrong with this either. For the price you would pay for one bottle of herbs you can have an entire plant that will grow, multiply and produce numerous bottles of herbs over many years.



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