Avoid Bitter Cucumbers

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How can I keep my cucumbers from being bitter?

Avoid Bitter Cucumbers

The key to keeping your cucumbers from being bitter is water. Cucumbers require at least one inch of water every week. Cucumbers that miss out on being watered regularly -- even once or twice -- will become bitter.



3/29/2010 8:55:59 PM
mary said:

Well My husband and I have tried to plant them under different conditions but nothing seem to work.Then I decided to plant the pickling variety and They seem to work better for some reason. This yr we will try both variety for the sake of experimenting...If you have a better Ideal, lets hear it...Thanks

HI Mary,

Cucumber roots like shade. The top of the plant prefers sun however. You can try companion planting, or simply move the vines back on top of the roots daily. If you move them from side to side, they will eventually grow in a mound.


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