Watering Tips to Prevent a Brown Lawn

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How can I keep my lawn watered in the desert heat?

Watering Tips to Prevent a Brown Lawn

Too much heat and drought can cause your lawn to turn brown. This is a very common problem in the Southwest areas of the United States.

To help prevent a brown lawn, never water your lawn in the hot afternoon sun which can cause the grass to burn. Water your lawn with sprinklers or soaker hoses in the early morning, and water deeply.

To determine when you have watered enough, simply place an empty container near the sprinkler. When the container has about an inch of water in it, you will know you have watered that area adequately.

You should never water your lawn at night. Watering at night keeps the lawn damp for many hours, which can lead to disease.



11/13/2008 12:48:41 PM
Gerry said:

This advise about not watering the lawn in the afternoon when the sun is hot is nonsense. The reason it is best not to water the lawn in the afternoon is due to excessive evaporation which wastes water and may not adequately water the lawn. Otherwise we would see brown lawns everywhere after afternoon rain showers. You would also never see greenskeepers at golf courses watering greens in the dead heat of the afternoon, or under drought conditions during golf tournaments. It is more efficient to water early in the morning when the ground is cooler and the water has a chance to soak in deep.


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