Moving Roses

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Ihave a rose garden and what i would like to do is remove some of the plants to another area, how do i go about this?

Moving Roses

Despite the fragile beauty of their flowers, roses are amazingly hardy bushes, so moving roses from one part of the garden to another is actually fairly simple. To move your roses, you should:
1. Prepare your new garden bed for the roses. Remove all weeds and dig in some compost to freshen the soil.
2. Wait until your rose is dormant to move it. Blooming takes a lot of energy out of a plant. Your rose will probably will survive if you move it while it is blooming, but it will be less stressed if you wait until early spring.
3. Prune back all of the canes so the rose is about two feet high.
4. Dig around your rose's roots to move it with as large a rootball as possible. Lift the rose from the hole and transfer it immediately to the new bed. Water your transplanted rose well.



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