Caring for Plum Trees

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How do I care for plum trees?

Caring for Plum Trees

Plum trees are easy to grow and can add color and interest to the landscape. To care for these fruit trees, you should: 1. Add lime to extremely acidic soil to make it less acidic. 2. Be sure that the location where these trees are planted does not have pockets of heavy frost, since plum trees bloom early. 3. Provide support for branches that are carrying a lot of fruit, since the plum tends to have weak branches that break easily.



6/25/2007 6:51:41 AM
Bobby Fossum said:

How do I plant a plum or nectarine tree from the pit? Please send an answer to

3/3/2009 6:21:21 AM
patricia said:

I have a plum tree growing and it never bloomed or produced's healthy and every year there is new growth but no plums?? ? My e-mail is It' about 5 or 6 years old you have a solution

Hi Patricia,

First be sure you are pruning it at the right time, second fertilize it with a fertilizer made for fruit trees or compost. Make sure it is getting plenty of water as well.

5/26/2010 12:02:14 PM
marion said:

I put 10-10-10 around my plum and peach trees, and seem to be killing my trees. my question is, can i dig up the trees and plant them at another location, I planted them eight month ago.
my email is


Yes, you can dig up the trees and move them.

10/29/2011 8:22:48 AM
jackie said:

I live in northern vermont and would like to try planting plum trees. When is the optimal time to plant, and should I plant more than 1 tree?


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