Pruning Cherry Trees

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How do I prune cherry trees?

Pruning Cherry Trees

Cherry trees need to be pruned to keep them strong and healthy. To prune cherry trees, you should: 1. Always do any major pruning before the trees break dormancy. 2. Remove broken, dead, or diseased branches immediately during the winter, spring, or summer months, but try to avoid pruning in the fall. 3. Shape the tree into a vase shape to make it easy for you to pick fruit and to make the tree more productive.



4/21/2009 12:03:40 PM
mary liz bunch said:

Can I prune my cherry tree now, even though it has broken dormancy? There are leaf buds, that are not quite all open. I live in Klamath Falls, OR, zone 5-6.
I don't want to hurt my tree, but it needs pruning.
Thank you

Hi Mary Liz,

If you want fruit I would wait. Fruit trees should be pruned before they break dormancy. If you do prune before it fruits you risk losing fruit. If you prune it right after the fruit is harvested you should be ok.


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