Hybrid and Non-Hybrid Vegetable Seeds

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Which is better, hybrid or non-hybrid vegetable seeds?

Hybrid and Non-Hybrid Vegetable Seeds

When you order vegetable seeds, you may have the choice between hybrids and non-hybrids. Hybrid vegetable seeds tend to be more reliable because they have been produced in conditions that are controlled. This means they may be more resistant to diseases and more productive. Non-hyrbids are also known as “open-pollinated” varieties or heirloom varieties. Of the two, hybrids are thought to be the more trustworthy. However, there are gardeners who do insist on only using non-hybrids year after year.



4/4/2008 10:02:17 PM
AAMC said:

Hybrids while the seed distribution systems are dependable, non-hybrids when the distribution systems are interupted and for food thereafter. Non-hybrids for continued survival, Hybrids for perhaps one to two years.


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