Fall Vegetables

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Are there any vegetables I can grow in the fall?

Fall Vegetables

There are many fall vegetables that can withstand a light, early frost. The key is to know which vegetables will be productive in a cool climate, and to purchase those that have the earliest maturing varieties. Beets, onions, rutabagas, spinach, turnips, leaf lettuce, kale and cabbage can all be considered a fall growing vegetable. Before you plant your fall vegetable seeds, you should water the site the day before you sow. As the days grow shorter, you should ensure that your seeds are able to soak up every minute of sunshine they will receive. You can do this by applying a water-soluble fertilizer weekly.



1/25/2009 2:37:42 PM
Cindy said:

What does applying a water soluable fertilizer weekly have to do with your crops receiving sunshine?


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