Looking for an Economically Safe Plant?

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What is a good plant to invest in?

Looking for an Economically Safe Plant?

If you are looking for a good perennial to invest into your garden, Hostas are at the top of the list. There are many species of Hosta and they range from a four inch miniature to three foot giants. Their wide range of colors, patterns and leaf textures makes Hostas an all around “good guy” for gardeners.

No matter the type of garden you are wanting, there is sure to be a Hosta that would fit into it. Hostas can be used in clumps as ground covers under trees, as a single plant in perennial beds, they can edge walkways, paths and driveways, or they can be planted in shade gardens. Their all-around durability and low maintenance makes the Hosta a favored and economically safe invest.



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