Interesting Facts About Geraniums

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What kind of pot should I plant my geraniums in?

Interesting Facts About Geraniums

What many people may not know is that geraniums need to thoroughly dry out between watering periods. Geraniums grow best when they are planted in clay pots. This is because a clay pot helps the soil to dry out quicker. Geraniums tend to get sickly when planted in plastic containers because they hold too much moisture.

Another thing you may know about geraniums is they can be started with a cutting. Simply pinch off the bottoms and push them into a soil-less mix such as peat moss or perlite. Add heat by placing on a heating pad and roots generally appear in about ten days.



8/6/2007 8:01:03 PM
red on rose said:

i didn't know that they can be started from cuttings,,this is great and will help fill out the planter !! thanks.


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