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Question 1

Which of these mulches is poisonous to dogs?

Pine straw, because it contains extremely acidic compounds.
Redwood bark, because of it´s size, dogs often choke on it.
Redwood sawdust, because it can cause anapylactic reactions.
Cocoa mulch contains tyrosine, found in chocolate, which a dog´s digestive system can´t assimilate.
There have been several canine deaths due to ingestion of cocoa hulls, widely used as a mulch. The deaths are a result of the tyrosinine present in chocolate. Please don´t use this product if you have a dog who is outdoors much of the time.

Question 2

What on earth is gorilla hair?

Gorilla hair is a mulch made from sanitized hair from apes.
It is a mulch made from longer strands of peat moss.
Gorilla hair is made from coconut fiber and is extremely durable.
It is a mulch made from redwood bark.
Gorilla hair is an extremely attractive, low maintenance mulch, made from redwood bark. It is light and very easy to apply.

Question 3

Should you mulch your vegetables as soon as they are planted?

It is extremely important that you mulch immediately after planting vegetable seedlings to protect tender roots.
No, it is much better to wait until the ground has thoroughly warmed up.
It is very important to mulch immediately to help conserve moisture.
Try not to mulch vegetables too soon -- not before July if you can help it. You want the ground to warm up, and the mulch will keep the heat out if put on too quickly.

Question 4

Do all mulches help add nitrogen to the soil?

No, most mulches remove nitrogen from the soil.
Yes, mulches are extremely beneficial and add many nutrients to the soil including nitrogen.
Cocoa mulch is the only product that actually binds nitrogen to the soil.
Many mulches will bind nitrogen from your soil. Before purchasing a particular mulch, do some research. Cocoa mulch adds nitrogen to your soil and can be used as an amendment, unlike other products.

Question 5

Do recycled tires make a good mulch?

No, it contains too many potential contaminants.
Yes, it´s lightweight, durable and very good at controlling weeds.
The jury is out on this one.
There is a new mulch out made from recycled tires. I am extremely leery of this product, and would advise using it in limited areas as a test first.

Question 6

Can mulches be used as soil amendments?

No, they are strictly a moisture conserving, weed controlling product.
Yes, cocoa mulch can be used as a soil,amendment.
Yes, but larger sized amendments such as redwood bark needs to be put through a chipper shredder first.
The best mulches for your garden are the ones that break down quickly, and contribute nutrients to the soil. Try cocoa mulch, instead of the traditional bark. Much more effective, and better for the earth.

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