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Question 1

If we had no bees, how many plant species would die?

No plants would die, winds take care of pollination.
One quarter of the plant population would die, the rest would adapt.
100,000 plant species would cease to exist.
All existing plants would expire.
The existence of many flowers depends on bees. If there were no bees, 100,000 plant species would cease to exist.

Question 2

Cork comes from what plant?

Cork comes from a little known African shrub corkus maleus profundis.
Cork comes from the cork oak.
Cork is simply made of recyclable plant materials.
Cork comes from the cork sponge.
The cork, used in wine bottles and message boards comes from the cork oak. This is the only tree that can survive "bark harvesting" as it has two layers of bark.

Question 3

Which is the fastest growing tree?

Betula niger, a birch, is the fastest growing tree.
The fastest growing tree in the world is the acacia. Depending on the variety, it can grow up to 2 1/2 feet per month, averaging an inch per day. It´s lifespan however, is only about 30 years.

Question 4

What is the oldest living thing on earth?

The elephant ear plant
saguerro cactus
Rose of Damascus
Creosote bush
The oldest living thing on earth, is a flowering shrub called the creosote bush, found in the Mojave Desert. It is 15 metres (50 ft) in diameter. It is estimated that it started from a seed nearly 12,000 years ago.

Question 5

Which colored flower do hummingbirds prefer?

Hummingbirds prefer bright red flowers. Some of their favorite flowers include cardinal flowers, bee balm(monarda), marvel of peru, honeysuckle, daylillies, trumpet vine, verbena, coral bells, and red salvia.

Question 6

Which is the widest spread plant family?

The most widespread plant family is the orchid. There is at least one specie of orchid native to every continent except Antarctica. The most widespread plant is blue-green algae.

Question 7

What is the worlds most expensive flower?

The orchid
Asian lilac
One of the most expensive flowers in the world, is a hyacinth bulb. A variety called " King of Great Britain. This bulb sold in 1774 for L100. - In todays market it would equal about $200,000 in U.S. funds!

Question 8

Why do woodpeckers love to eat ants?

They eat them for their sweet nectar
They crush them for the tannin.
Because they are filling and a high source of protein.
Because they carry a woody scent only woodpeckers can detect.
Woodpeckers love to eat ants. But, if you observe their habits you´ll also notice, that they often pick up ants in their beaks and then crush them on their feathers. There is a reason for this strange behaviour: crushing the ants releases tannic acid, which in turn protects the bird from parasites

Question 9

What is said to germinate when forsythia is in bloom?

Tomato seedlings
Crabgrass seed germinates when forsythias are in bloom.

Question 10

Which insects eggs are said to hatch when lilacs are in bloom?

Leaf miners
Grasshopper eggs hatch at about the time the common purple lilac blooms.

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