Drought-Proof Your Lawn

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How can I drought-proof my lawn?

Drought-Proof Your Lawn

Here are some tips to drought-proof your lawn before summers heat sets in:

*Dethatch your lawn and reduce compaction of the soil.

*Reduce or eliminate nitrogen fertilizers. Try to use potassium based fertilizers instead.

*Water your lawn early in the morning.

*Sharpen your mower blades two to three times per season.

*Cut your lawn no shorter than three inches.

*Leave your clippings on the lawn and stop using pesticides.



12/11/2011 2:51:34 AM
Dave Kilshaw said:

Three inches is quite long - I find about 2inches works well - reduces cutting to once a week in vigorous growth periods and protects against heat and weeds - but that is in Africa! Cutting short burns roots and inhibits spreading. Leaving the cut grass on the lawn mulches, encourages seed spreading and keeps soil moist in summer. Over a period of seven years I have turned a patch of semi desert into rolling lawn over 12 acres using these methods - and the poor feeding grasses get choked out as well!


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