LawnTractor Safety

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What are good safety steps for tractor mowers?

LawnTractor Safety

To avoid accidents with lawn tractors and power mowers, you should:
* Know the controls and how to stop the machine quickly.
* Stop the power before leaving the seat.
* Keep children out of your work area.
* Look behind you before backing up.
* Reduce speed when turning sharply, as well as on slopes.
* Stay off steep slopes.
* When mowing with a riding mower, go up and down slopes to avoid tipping over, but with a walking mower, go across the slope to avoid getting your foot caught in the blade.
* Keep all guards and shields in place.
* Clear the area of objects that could be thrown by the blade.
* Keep your hands and feet well away from rotating blades.
* Make sure the riding mower is out of gear before starting it up.
* Never give children rides. Mowers are not toys.



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