Red Thread and Lawns

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What is red thread?

Red Thread and Lawns

Red Thread is a disease that creates discolored patterns in the lawn from two inches to several feet in diameter. Unaffected grass blades are usually interspersed in the diseased area.

When viewed closely, the affected grass blades reveal pink-to-red thread like strands at their tips. When moisture is plentiful, a pinkish, cotton-candy-like mass may appear in the affected lawn areas.

As the disease progresses, the unhealthy grass blades collapse and turn brown. During the active stages, it can spread from one area of the lawn to another by foot traffic, mowing etc. Although it thrives best in temperatures from 60°F to 75°F, it is also common in summertime, when temperatures are higher.

To prevent or cure Red Thread, treat your lawn with a chemical that controls fungus.



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