Homemade Hydroponics

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Is there an inexpensive way to build a hydroponics unit?

Homemade Hydroponics

You can create your own hydroponics unit outside. Use pvc pipe and the U shaped connectors. The easiest unit uses six foot two by six supports leaning against an outside wall. The eight foot tall pipes start at the top and zig-zag down to about one foot from the ground. You will need to cut a hole about every six to eight inches with a drill attachment for doorknob holes. Fill the pipes with any of the hydroponic materials and put a basin at the bottom with a small fountain pump on a timer that goes up to the top end of the pipe. This unit works year round, unless you get deep freezes. You can put an aquarium heater in the basin if you only get light frosts. The unit is perfect for all of your salad plants or the herb garden. Allow at least several weeks before you change the solution.



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