The Three Methods of Drying Flowers at Home

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The Three Methods of Drying Flowers at Home

The three methods used to dry flowers at home are: hanging, flat drying and upright drying.


Hanging is the most popular method of drying flowers. To start, you should remove any leaves on the flower stalk that you do not want. Next, bundle your flowers and secure with an elastic band. Using an elastic band will ensure your flowers do not fall out. The elastic will shrink around the flowers as they dry. Lastly, hang your flowers in an area where they will not receive direct sunlight.

Flat Drying

Flat drying is best for mosses, seed pods, as well as coarse grasses and flowers. Simply place the flowers in a cardboard box, such as a shoe box. The box will ensure that your flowers and seed pods are not broken or mashed during the drying process.

Upright Drying

Many people choose to preserve flowers through upright drying as the flowers can serve as a center piece during the drying process. When placing your flowers in their vase or container, you should not pack them too tight. Packing flowers too tight into a vase will cause them to become entangled and they may also lose their shape.



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