What to Compost

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Is it safe to throw meat or dairy products on my compost heap?

What to Compost

Never add meat or dairy products to the compost heap. These products will not decompose properly and the compost pile will develop an unpleasant odor. Also, meat and dairy products could attract animal pests.

You can safely compost any plant based materials, such as:

* Vegetable scraps, including stems, leaves, and peelings.
* Woody plant stems, as long as they are no thicker than a pencil.
* Leaves, although too many oak leaves can make the compost acidic.
* Grass clippings, which break down quickly and help heat up the pile.
* Human hair, which contains .
* Crushed egg shells, which are a great source of nutrients, but they do decompose slowly.
* Tea leaves and coffee grounds, which can also be sprinkled directly on the soil.



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