Homemade Aphid Spray

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Do you have a homemade aphid spray?

Homemade Aphid Spray

There are many recipes for homemade aphid spray. You may want to try this recipe for organic aphid spray:

1. Peel two oranges and place the peel in a pot filled with four cups of boiling water.

2. Cover the pot and simmer the orange peel for 15 minutes.

3. Turn off the heat and allow the orange peel to steep for 24 hours.

To use the aphid spray, spray it directly on any of your plants that have aphid problems.



4/1/2010 1:40:29 PM
Evelyn Vincent said:

This is true and works. I use a few drops of therapeutic essential oils for more punch--the essential oil is in the peel of the orange.


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