Pruning the Butterfly Bush

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Does the butterflybush require pruning?

Pruning the Butterfly Bush

The buddelia-butterfly bush dies back in the winter and in cold areas it is likely to die back all the way to the ground. However, it will come back to life in the spring. The only pruning required on the butterfly bush is removing the dead wood every spring.



10/10/2008 10:02:19 AM
Andy ( ) said:

I have 6 Butterfly bushes, 2 years old... they are the 3 color group types... One of the 6 has died and I want to "seed" with those of the other plants... The bushes are in seed now... Is there any use in savings and planting those seeds in house in early spring and then (if they grow?)replant in empty space in garden??? thanx Andy in Pennsylvania...


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