The Fragrant Lilac

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Is Japanese lilac a good choice for a small garden?

The Fragrant Lilac

Lilacs are enormously popular for good reason. A couple of these shrubs can perfume an entire yard! Lilacs come in many colors, from pale pink, mauve to purple. They can grow anywhere, either standing alone or mixed in with other shrubs. The Lilac requires no pruning. However, if it gets too leggy it can be cut back.



6/15/2007 1:01:45 PM
Jan Cubbage said:

My lilacs are 12' tall. Can I dead head the
spent flowers now and hard prune in Fall?
We just moved to Wa. and they (trees) need
attention. When do I fertilize? I'm from Tx.
and know nothing about lilac trees/shrubs. Thanks


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